Selection of the best raw materials, care in treating and cooking them, experience of our chefs and continuous study of new techniques, make our cuisine an expression of a new way of doing “Restauration”. Welcoming You and make You part of our passion will be a pleasure for us.


Fish Menu

• Cream of chickpeas with prams*
• Lukewarm octopus salad with steamed vegetables and olives from Taggia*
• Hot seafood salad with extra virgin olive oil*
• Tasting of hot seafood starters (minimum for two people)*
• Crudités dish with prawns, red Sicilian crayfish, oysters and tartare of daily catch*


• Bavette with anchovies, crumb, fennel and walnuts*
• Squared spaghetti with arselle*
• Paccheri of Gragnano with octopus squid and capers*
• Mediterranean risotto with prawns, crayfish and squid*
• Squared spaghetti with lobster and small tomatoes*

• Grilled cod from Faer Oer Islands with chickpeas and Tuscan olive oil*
• Our without bones-cacciucco*
• Tuna-fish sliced with coarse salt and Rosemary with season vegetables*
• Catch of the day: with salt, with tomatoes, grilled (minimum for two people)*
• Steamed shellfish, fish of the day, vegetables and fresh home made mayonnaise*
• Catalana with prawns, crayfish and vegetables with olive oil and citrus*
• Catalana with lobster, prawns, crayfish, tropical fruit and vegetables*

Meat Menu

• Tasting of Casentino ham, fennel, globe artichokes in oil and tomato bruschetta
• Vegetables bundle with zucchini cream
• Millefeuille of beef fillet with herbs
• Burrata, Cantabrico anchovies, tomato and basil
• Porcini mushroom pie with parmesan fondue and summer truffle*


• Spaghetti from Gragnano with carbonara
• Paccheri three colors with burrata, tomato and basil pesto
• Noodles pasta with Porcini mushrooms*
• Tordelli lucchesi (hand made pasta) with Tuscan meat ragout
• Rice creamed with Parmesan cheese (24 months-maturing) and white truffle


• Baked suckling pig with rustic mustard and potatoes*
• Florentine trippa
• Lamb with mountain herbs and potatoes*
• Slice of Fassona alla Catalana
• Slice of Fassona with mushrooms*
• Knife fassona tartare beaten with summer truffle

*According to the market availability. Some products could be high quality frozen products.



Some of Our Labels

Our region offers huge quantity of grapes worldwide appreciated. This is an opportunity that allows us to offer the best combinations to our customers with the certainty of obtaining sublime results for their palate, together with our care in selecting the best range of enologic products. We will be pleased in giving You the most complete assistence in choosing Your etiquette.

Red Wine

• Morellino da Scansano Heba
• Pinot Nero di Villa Bagnolo
• Castello di Ama San Lorenzo
• Brunello di Montalcino casanova di Neri
• Tignanello

Important Red Wines

• Bolgheri Rosso Grattamacco
• Il Bruciato Bolgheri
• Le Serre Nuove dell’Ornellaia
• Le Difese

White Wine

• Vermentino Colli di Luni
• Vermentino di Bolgheri
• Arneis Blange’ Biologico
• Gewurztraminer Sanct Valentin
• Capichera

Italian Bubbles

• Prosecco di Valdobbiadene DOCG
• Brut Donna Catherine Biologico

Dessert Wines

• Malvasia delle Lipari
• Muffato della sala
• Passito di Sicilia


• Philipponnat Royal Rèserve
• Gaston Ciquet Blanc de Blancs
• Philipponnat Rosé